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When a role is also a responsibility

2023 Tony Award nominees Brandon Uranowitz, Ben Platt, Katy Sullivan, NaTasha Yvette Williams and J. Harrison Ghee feel an added urgency to their impact on audiences.

(L-R) Katy Sullivan, J. Harrison Ghee, Brandon Uranowitz, NaTasha Yvette Williams and Ben Platt (Credit: Jeremy Daniel, Matthew Murphy, Joan Marcus, Marc J. Franklin and Joan Marcus)

As Broadway continues to tackle today’s issues head-on in its stories, the parts that actors play have become more than roles — they are responsibilities.

That word, responsibility, surfaced over and over again when speaking to stars of “Leopoldstadt” and “Parade” or “Cost of Living” and “Some Like It Hot.” When theater holds up a mirror to society, actors feel a duty to get the reflection right. When communities are in danger or pushed into the shadows, the job becomes more than acting.

As Brandon Uranowitz, who is Tony Award-nominated for his performance in “Leopoldstadt,” said, “The responsibility of [this role] is so great to me and so much bigger than me.”

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