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The Broadway brand awareness question

Situation Interactive president and founder Damian Bazadona considers the visibility of Broadway as a brand and wonders: Have we lost something necessary?

Damian Bazadona (Credit: Nakeia Taylor)

Do you remember that Broadway campaign that was impossible to miss? You know, whether you liked it or not, if you were in the heart of the city, it bombarded you and you couldn’t escape it?

You saw ads on the tops of taxis, the sides of buses, the welcome message of your taxi fare, the posters in the subway (with those scribbled mustaches that always make me laugh), the poster snipes downtown, those CTM tourist flyers in random racks across the city and the occasional headline of a show’s review in one of the free daily newspapers distributed  outside of subway stations?

 Remember that campaign?

Well, that campaign wasn’t an actual campaign — it was the Broadway industry advertising playbook-of-old in action.

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