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Jodie Comer will narrate ‘Prima Facie’ audiobook

Comer will reprise her Tony Award-winning role for the novelization of the Broadway play.

Jodie Comer in “Prima Facie” (Credit: Helen Murray)

Macmillan Audio has announced the release of the novel version of Suzie Miller’s play “Prima Facie.” Tony Award winner Jodie Comer will narrate the audiobook that will be released on Jan. 30, along with the hardcover and e-book versions of the book.

“Prima Facie” opened on Broadway on April 23, 2023, at the John Golden Theatre. Comer won a Tony for her performance as Tessa in the one-person play. Prior to the Main Stem run, Comer won an Olivier Award for the play’s mounting in London’s West End. Miller was awarded the Olivier for Best Play.

“It has been an absolute joy to return to Tessa’s story whilst recording this audiobook,” Comer said in a statement. “My hope is that it will reach the widest number of people, perhaps who weren’t able to see the play. I’ve personally enjoyed delving into her story again and am excited for audiences to experience this further exploration gifted to us by the wonderful Suzie Miller.” Comer told Broadway News more about her experience with “Prima Facie” on Tony Awards night. 

“I’m absolutely delighted that Jodie Comer is reprising the role of Tessa Ensler in the novel of ‘Prima Facie,’” expressed Miller in a statement. “Her incomparable talent, passion and conviction were instrumental to making the play a success, and I know she will bring the same dedication to storytelling to bring Tessa to life in the novel.”

“Prima Facie” follows attorney Tessa who is known for her string of successes in defending those accused of sexual assault. Tessa’s perspective of how the law works — and who it works for — shifts when she is attacked.

The Broadway production of “Prima Facie” recouped prior to completing its extended limited run on July 2.

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