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How a new generation of producers is transforming Broadway

A cohort of producers, including Ben Holtzman, Thomas Laub, Sammy Lopez, Greg Nobile, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Heather Shields and Rachel Sussman, discuss their vision for Broadway.

(Top L-R) Greg Nobile, Alyah Chanelle Scott and Thomas Laub (Credit: Emilio Madrid; Courtesy of Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis; Kyle Prue Photography); (Bottom L-R) Ben Holtzman, Sammy Lopez, Rachel Sussman and Heather Shields (Credit: Courtesy of Holtzman; Rascal Pictures; Michael Kushner Photography; Courtesy of Shields)

Costs have skyrocketed, audiences still don’t match pre-pandemic heights, and so many productions have crowded onto the spring calendar that competition seems at an all-time high. By many measures, producing a Broadway show is harder than ever — especially for fresh-faced producers just starting to make their mark on the business.

But instead of steeling themselves for a cutthroat struggle, a cohort of young producers, several of whom have stepped up to the role of general producing partner for the first time this season, face the oncoming challenges with notable camaraderie and a penchant for thinking outside the box. Their attitude seemingly marks a generational shift as these rising industry players approach the business with a commitment to transparency, community and values that extend from the work onstage to how work gets done behind the scenes.

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