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Broadway League determines shows will go on despite air crisis

Though the League has decided Broadway will stay open, some individual shows like “Hamilton” and “Camelot” will not go on.

Two Broadway shows have canceled their June 7 evening performances amidst the air crisis (Credit: John Smith/VIEWpress)

Update as of 7:40pm: The June 7 evening performances of “Hamilton” and “Camelot” have been canceled. Patrons should contact their point if purchase for exchange or refund. Both productions expect to resume on June 8 as scheduled.

Industry leaders met on the afternoon of June 7 to discuss the status of evening performances as an air crisis continues to plague New York City. The Broadway League released the following statement.

“Broadway remains open this evening and most shows are set to perform. There are a few shows being canceled tonight due to staffing coverage. For more information, please consult each show’s official website or the website of the theater itself.”

The news comes hours after the June 7 matinée of “Prima Facie” was halted when star Jodie Comer struggled as a result of the poor air quality.

Actors’ Equity Association president Kate Shindle tweeted about the conditions, urging members to speak out if they feel unsafe. “Actors’ Equity staff is all hands on deck re: air quality,” Shindle tweeted. “Because the wildfire smoke is so widespread and varies so much, it’s very important that someone let your business rep know if you feel unsafe rehearsing or performing, wherever you are.”

Meanwhile, several sporting events scheduled for Wednesday evening, including the New York Yankees evening game and the New York Liberty game, were postponed. Other sporting events in the tristate area were also affected by the crisis.