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Shubert Foundation awards $40 million in arts grants

The unrestricted grants provide funds to over 600 arts organizations.

The Shubert Foundation (TSF) announced that it has provided $40 million total in grants to 653 arts organizations across the U.S. These organizations encompass nonprofit theater companies, dance companies, arts training programs and other related service agencies. The funds have no restrictions on how they must be used.

“We are delighted to be able to increase both our funding and the number of grantees yet again this year,” said TSF president Diana Phillips in a statement. “Our unrestricted grants support not-for-profit live performing arts nationwide at a still-challenging time when support for these organizations remains crucial.”

Companies of all sizes and budgets were welcome to apply for grants from TSF, which is the philanthropic arm of the Shubert Organization, owner and operator of 17 of Broadway’s 41 venues. 

“Even as we celebrate further recovery from the shutdown, not-for-profit theater and dance companies continue to face unprecedented challenges,” said Shubert chair and CEO Robert E. Wankel. “By assisting with some of their financial burdens, we aim to help our grantees continue to focus on producing works that will serve, and challenge, the widest possible audience. The Shubert Foundation continues to pursue our mission of ensuring that theater and dance reach communities around the country, including those who have historically been underserved or underrepresented in these art forms.”

Additionally, on a local level, TSF has allocated $730,000 to the New York City Public Schools, specifically for arts education endeavors. 

“New York City is one of the world’s greatest cultural and artistic cities, and that creativity is reflected in the significant support of teacher development and student opportunities in our schools funded by the Shubert Foundation,” said Schools’ chancellor David C. Banks. “Theater arts are an important part of our students’ education, and we are so grateful for our longstanding partnership with the Shubert Foundation — the largest funder of theater education programs in our NYC Schools — for all they do for our kids.”

Finally, the Shubert Scholars Program provides $1.2 million in scholarships to students in college-level theater arts programs and recently established endowed scholarship programs at Spelman and Morehouse Colleges.