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How the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ chandelier made its final exit

Production technical supervisor Jake Bell weighs in on the iconic loadout.

The crew at Broadway’s “The Phantom of the Opera” loads out the chandelier (Credit: Ruthie Fierberg)

By the time “The Phantom of the Opera” played its final Broadway performance on April 16, the musical’s iconic chandelier had traveled more than 900 miles flying back and forth over audiences at the Majestic Theatre. But it still had a little more distance to go. On May 1, the chandelier known as Ruthie II (named for director Harold Prince’s associate Ruth Mitchell) was transported out of the theater, onto a truck and to an unknown location.

For weeks, the ongoing loadout — which began on April 18 — has captivated onlookers (some “phans” come each day to snap photos). According to production technical supervisor Jake Bell, the loadout should be complete by May 12.

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