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Global entertainment company RWS restructures

RWS Entertainment reorganizes as RWS Global.

Ryan Stana, founder and CEO of RWS Global (Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty)

RWS Entertainment has announced a rebrand and restructure. The company will now be known as RWS Global and will be comprised of RWS Entertainment, TED, JRA and ARC.

Previously, the three subsidiaries — JRA, TED and ARC — fell under the umbrella of RWS Entertainment Group. Now, RWS Global will operate with JRA, ted, ARC and RWS Entertainment as its four branches.

The RWS Global team will consist of creative, administration, talent casting and recruitment, marketing and business development departments and will support the four subsidiaries.

RWS focuses on concept, design, show production and talent recruitment for theme parks, resorts and cruise lines. London-based entertainment experiences company ted (The Experience Department) specializes in live events for theme parks, resorts, cruise lines, destinations and brands. Creative studio JRA, based in Cincinnati, designs and develops attractions and experiences.

ARC, the newly formed casting branch of the company, works on Broadway and touring productions, as well as television, film and commercials. Led by Duncan Stewart, ARC currently casts the Main Stem productions of “Life of Pi,” “The Lion King” and “Chicago.”

RWS founder Ryan Stana will serve as CEO of RWS Global. “By unifying our talent opportunities under one RWS Global umbrella and expanding them on a global scale, we offer an unparalleled trajectory for performers to build a longterm career within our portfolio of companies — what we call our talent trajectory,” Stana told Broadway News. “At RWS or ted, a performer or musician can launch their career in the leisure and attractions industry. With the discipline, knowledge and skills gained there, they can then be cast by ARC for a regional or touring Broadway production.”

Stana also shared that a similar path is possible for technicians and designers as they look to hone their craft.

Additionally, Stana emphasized the anticipated impact the restructure may have on Broadway. “Because our talent casting and recruitment teams audition and interview talent from all over the world, we are sourcing and nurturing a talent pipeline like no other company can — one that represents the future of Broadway,” he said.