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Betsy Wolfe shares her excitement and personal inspiration before the 2023 Tony Awards

The Tony nominee reflects on “& Juliet” and what it's like to be a mom while acting in a Broadway production.

Betsy Wolfe (Credit: Emilio Madrid)

After more than a decade on Broadway, Betsy Wolfe has earned her first Tony nomination for her performance as Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway, in “& Juliet.” Wolfe’s Tony nod is one of the show’s nine. She describes her character as a “ballsy, brassy, eccentric feminist deciding that she’s going to change the game” — a character she is incredibly proud of.

In the upcoming June 11 episode of “The Broadway Show with Tamsen Fadal,” the actor discussed her excitement for her first nomination with Fadal. Wolfe credits her family for being a significant support system throughout her acting career and considers this a recognition of all of the important people in her life.

“I really do believe that it has taken a lot of people to just even put me in the position that I’m in,” said Wolfe. “This is for all of us.”

To date, Wolfe has amassed eight Broadway credits: seven musical productions and one special engagement. She expressed gratitude for this lengthy career, as she aspired to it since she was a child.

Of course, it’s also been an ongoing challenge to balance the arduous nature of Broadway and her family. “The most important thing is that we actually have family time,” Wolfe told Fadal. “For me that is success.”

In particular, bonding with her three-year-old daughter has provided a more balanced perspective. Daily quality time with her daughter has become a key aspect of how she views success. “Every day she's learning something new, so I'm seeing the world, I'm seeing my job, I'm seeing everything in a completely different lens now,” said Wolfe.

Performing on Broadway — even without a child — is a challenge, and Wolfe has even greater respect for her fellow parents in theater. “You can’t quite possibly understand the level of exhaustion you have until you’re doing it,” said Wolfe. “But it’s just immensely joyous.”

On Tony night, Wolfe is excited to celebrate her years in the industry and “& Juliet,” specifically. . “I knew if I was given material that really spoke to me that something magical would happen,” said Wolfe. “That speaks a lot to this piece and this story and who I get to play every night.”

The upcoming June 11 episode of “The Broadway Show” features five other first-time nominees, including Jordan E Cooper of “Ain't No Mo'”, Micaela Diamond of “Parade,” J. Harrison Ghee of “Some Like It Hot,” Bonnie Milligan of “Kimberly Akimbo” and David Zayas of “Cost of Living.”