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Actors’ Equity will reinstate mandates for in-person auditions

As of Jan. 2, 2023, Actors' Equity Association will stipulate that all required Equity Auditions will be held in person.

As of Jan. 2, 2023, Actors’ Equity Association will stipulate that all required Equity Auditions will be held in person.

Equity had adjusted the audition policy during the COVID-19 shutdown and gradual reopening to allow employers to accept video submissions for the Equity auditions required in the terms of their Collective Bargaining Agreements. Beginning in the new year, employers may still opt to accept video submissions in addition to in-person auditions, but video will not fulfill their contractual audition requirements.

In-person auditions first resumed in March 2021, though they were not contractually required.

As of Jan. 2, online sign-ups will continue to be available solely for auditions held at Equity Audition Centers. Audition centers in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles reopened on Nov. 17, 2022. Walk-in appointments and day-of waiting lists for appointments will also return on Jan. 2, for all Equity auditions.

For in-person auditions on and following Jan. 2, there will be no mask requirement and no vaccination or testing requirement to enter audition or holding rooms. Updated protocols that will be enacted on Jan. 2 specify that holding rooms will strictly adhere to their maximum capacities.

For auditions requiring a monologue or sides, singing or playing an instrument with one’s mouth, the maximum room capacity will be enforced. For dance auditions, the room will need to have at least 36 square feet of danceable space for each person, not including space for staff. Casting notices will be required to include these maximum capacities and square footage figures.

Additional details regarding updates can be found on Equity’s public website.