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Broadway News’ Views Submission

Broadway News’ Views section presents perspectives, arguments and insights beyond Broadway News’ coverage of breaking stories, current happenings, etc. We aim to provide an outlet for public discussion within the Broadway community. A public forum for industry professionals, these pieces should start conversations and broaden the minds of our readership.


  • Essays must present a clear point of view or argument.
  • Essays should be first-person accounts — offering a unique viewpoint given your position in the theater community, background or experience in the field.
  • Writers can use the essay as a place to voice an opinion about a topic in the industry, take a stance on a subject currently being debated in other public forums or in the workplace, offer advice from your expertise or introduce a thought-starter.
  • Essays can be used to pose questions to the community or those in power. While you do not need to have all the answers, you must form a cohesive thesis around the questions.


  • Essays typically run from 600 to 1,000 words, but the length can be flexible depending on the subject.
  • All accepted essays will be fact-checked and edited for clarity, cohesiveness and AP style and subject to the Broadway News editing process. If your essay contains any factual assertions, you will need to provide the relevant source to your editor. We will work to verify the facts in your essay, but as the writer, you bear the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of your work.
  • These pieces represent your opinion, not the opinion of Broadway News.
  • The essays must be non-promotional — any materials deemed to be promoting an event, show or person(s) will not be accepted.
  • The essay must be original and exclusive to Broadway News, meaning they have been sent only to us, not published online or in print elsewhere, including on personal blogs or social media channels.


1. Provide a brief description of your professional background or personal connection to the topics within your essay. Further, if you or a business, trade group or other institution with which you are associated stands to gain financially or in any other way from the publication of your essay, you should disclose that information to us in detail.

2. Submit a paragraph summarizing the topic of your essay, your view of the topic and what you intend audiences should glean or ponder after reading, or submit your completed draft of the essay.

3. We make every effort to read submissions promptly. If you do not hear from us within 14 business days, you should feel free to submit your work elsewhere.


  • An editor from Broadway News will respond via email to notify you of the acceptance of your essay for the Views section.
  • The editor will collaborate with you to polish your essay before publishing to Broadway News.
  • You will devise a mutually agreeable schedule and word count for publication.
  • You can expect approximately two rounds of edits.
  • The final essay will appear on Broadway News under your byline. A short author bio will be included at the bottom of the essay.
    Please note that submissions may be rejected for any reason. Additionally, Broadway News reserves the right to halt the editorial process at any point; Broadway News reserves the right not to publish a Views article at any point and for any reason.   If we accept your essay, you will be required to sign a contract giving us exclusive rights to such essay. Further, Broadway News reserves the right to correct, update, delete, or remove any published Content.