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Situation Project appoints Samara Berger as director of impact and expands strategic plan

The nonprofit organization gives New York City students the chance to experience Broadway productions and live entertainment.

Samara Berger (Credit: Courtesy Nicholas & Lence Communications)

Situation Project has announced a broader vision under the leadership of its new director of impact Samara Berger. The nonprofit organization provides New York City students from underserved communities with the opportunity to experience Broadway and live entertainment. Berger assumed the role in January and has worked since then to create the new strategic plan, which now includes three core pillars: culture, community and career.

Through this expanded structure, Situation Project aims to: immerse students in arts and culture to “foster creativity, critical thinking and cultural appreciation”; equip students to be changemakers in their local communities; and cultivate skills and relationships with industry professionals to support career readiness.

As the director of impact, Berger works to engage more students throughout New York City communities. She will also diversify fundraising initiatives as well as sponsorship and mentorship opportunities. Before joining Situation Project, Berger spent more than six years at New York University as associate director of visitor relations and special events. Berger previously served as the service events director for New York Cares.

"With the school year almost upon us, we’re looking forward to expanding our work to support the whole student and their cultural and experiential development — in the classroom and beyond,” Berger said in a statement. “This fall we plan to engage our students in social justice workshops with one of our show partners, a variety of career showcases, local cultural institution visits and live events, all layered with more accessible family engagement opportunities. Our reach is boundless with continued support through sponsorships and partnerships, both new and existing.”

Situation Project was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of global marketing, advertising and technology company collective Situation Group. The organization partners with the New York City Department of Education and the State and City Universities of New York, as well as a variety of Broadway shows.

“At Situation Project, we’ve been honored to reach over 50,000 New York City public school students by providing free opportunities to experience the best in Broadway and world-class arts and cultural experiences, as well as providing over 100 career readiness events and awarding over 50 scholarships to students seeking to reinvest in their local communities,” said Damian Bazadona, founder and president of Situation Group in a statement. “As Situation Project continues to grow post-pandemic, our mission remains the same to bridge the opportunity gap in underserved communities.”