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‘Hamilton’ announces partnership with gaming company to launch ‘Hamilton Simulator’ on Roblox

The simulator is an immersive online experience inspired by the Tony-winning musical.

Super League’s “Hamilton Simulator” on Roblox (Credit: Courtesy of the Press Room)

“Hamilton” has partnered with gaming company Super League to design and build a new immersive digital experience. The “Hamilton Simulator” is now available on Roblox, an online platform where users can create their own games or play games made by others.

The simulator’s design combines the musical’s settings and music to bring aspects of the production — and American history — to life in a new way.

In the “Hamilton Simulator,” gamers (playing as themselves) can follow in Alexander Hamilton’s footsteps, starting with his disembarkment on the Old New York Docks. Throughout the experience, players can unlock other characters from the musical. These collectible characters will rap, sing and go head-to-head with their enemies as the narrative of “Hamilton” progresses.  The experience proceeds through the Schuyler Mansion Ballroom, Washington's Office, theYorktown Battlefield, and more of the musical’s key locations. Gamers can defeat enemies to earn coins, which can be used to access more powerful versions of the collectible characters or to provide boosts and resources within the game. As players progress through the 10 levels — which all feature various songs from the show — the battles become more difficult.

Currently, the simulator ends when the Revolutionary War has been won by the United States, which is about halfway through “Hamilton.” The creators of the “Hamilton” Simulator hope that the game can continue to grow.

Super League creates custom games and immersive digital with brands and advertisers; the company also offers marketing services to help brands reach specific types of players.

Roblox — which brings together more than 66 million gamers each day — combines gaming, social media and social commerce, allowing players to earn and spend virtual money. Games on Roblox are known as “experiences.”

“A once-in-a-generation cultural touchstone, ‘Hamilton’ has expanded horizons and entertained legions of global fans, and now will be introduced to the massive global audience in the immersive world on Roblox,” Matt Edelman, president and chief commercial officer for Super League, said in a statement. “We are grateful to the creators for allowing us to bring the music and majesty of ‘Hamilton’ to an engaged and passionate community on such a powerful platform.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of “Hamilton” and originator of the title role, said, “This partnership highlights the creativity and limitless fun made possible by artistic collaboration across mediums. I can’t wait to see how people will shape their own adventures, forge new connections and experience ‘Hamilton’ in an entirely new and interactive way with Roblox.”

The production’s partnership with Super League comes on the heels of another recently announced venture. On Aug. 8, also known as National Pickleball Day, “Hamilton” announced a partnership with women-owned pickleball gear brand Nettie. A limited edition “Hamilton” pickleball paddle bearing the lyrics “I am not throwing away my shot” was released to coincide with the date.