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Do you know the unions of Broadway?

The Broadway League negotiates terms and conditions with 13 different unions to help keep the Main Stem running smoothly.

Members of AEA, SAG-AFTRA and IATSE unite for the WGA, 2023 (Credit: Jay-Rey Rivera/Actors’ Equity Association)

Producers will often reference the “16 unions” that the Broadway League negotiates with when discussing everything from how Broadway productions function to their budgets and the possibility of capturing or streaming these stagings. In fact, there are 13 unions that relate to Broadway — three of which negotiate multiple contracts — bringing the total number of agreements to 16. The League works with each union to establish a collective bargaining agreement that covers wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment and other provisions. The League and each union determine the specifics of each agreement on behalf of their respective members. Most contracts remain in effect for three or four years before the parties return to the bargaining table in this cycle of bartering updates.

The importance of these agreements was most recently displayed when Local 802 AFM, the union representing Broadway musicians, bartered with the producers of “Here Lies Love” over the number of live musicians hired for the new musical at the Broadway Theatre.

While these unions often make headlines during negotiations, they play an integral role in making Broadway function and thrive daily. Below is a list of all of the unions — specifically for Broadway — and who they represent.


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